Waco Town Chalk Walk 


In partnership with:

Imagine Austin Avenue as a carpet of vibrant chalk art and a playground for the senses with the street lined with your favorite local vendors!


 Creative Waco is partnering with Eastside Market, LuluBelle’s and Waco Downtown Farmers Market to take over three blocks on Austin Ave. to bolster two sectors we want to see thrive again: the arts and small businesses.

This two-day event will celebrate the creativity and resilience of our community! The Wacotown Chalk + Walk weekend will feature chalk murals created by local artists representing local businesses within McLennan County and a two-day market. Bring the whole family out to marvel at the amazing chalk artworks and support local vendors, food trucks and the shops around Downtown Waco! This is #Wacotown.

Outdoor Vendor for two days. 


10 x 10 space. You MUST provide a tent. No table or tent is provided.

Food Vendor for two days. 


Streetside parking (for food trucks) or a 10 x 10 space is given to you. You MUST provide a tent as well as electricity. No table, tent, or electricity is provided. You must also have a food vendor permit provided by the health department.

To recieve more information on how to apply to become a vendor for this event please contact us. 

Thanks for submitting!